Our Core Values

  • Integrity and Credibility
  • Rendering quality services to our clients
  • Respect for everyone within our system
  • Workers partaking in the fortune of the company

In recognition of our integrity, The GMD/CEO of Japaul Group was named as one of the Top 50 Most credible persons in Nigeria.

Quality Assurance

    • It is the policy of JAPAUL OIL & MARITIME SERVICES PLC and her people to provide Marine, Dredging, Quarry, Transportation, Construction and Engineering products and services which conforms to the requirements of our customers on time and without defects.
    • The senior management of JAPAUL OIL & MARITIME SERVICES PLC has the basic responsibility over the establishment, documentation, implementation and maintenance of Quality Management System and is committed to continually improve its effectiveness.
    • Quality objectives directed at different functions and levels and in consonance with this Quality Policy are established, pursued and reviewed periodically for effectiveness.
  • While the responsibility for quality in the company is with everyone, jointly and individually, from the Group Managing Director/CEO to all staff, the Management Representative who has the major responsibility of coordinating the quality management system activities in the company, ensures that this Quality Policy is communicated, understood and implemented throughout the company.  He also ensures its continual  suitability.


Akinloye Daniel Oladapo




  • We are committed to executing ALL contracts in an Incident and Injury-free manner.
  • Our HSE goals are simple with Zero LTI target to preserve our employees, contractors, equipment, environments and visitors.
  • Our safety records in the past three years is a reflection of the effectiveness of our HSE commitment with commendations and award.

Our Certification

Our management ensures that all our projects are executed with highest

ISO 9001-2015 Certificate

quality. It is on this reason that our Quality Management System is certified with the NIS ISO 9001:2015