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Who we are

It is a dawn of a new day in Japaul. We have seen with clarity the future of businesses and new way of living, decision has now been made to chart a new course to align with the future in its immediacy and long run.

It is time for a new dream; a new vision of global dimension to guarantee the continuous and profitable existence of our businesses and increasing the wealth of our shareholders.


Some of the expert services we offer includes the following


Our Dredging Business Is Managed Under The Trade Name Japaul Dredging Services Limited. We Offer Complete Dredging Solutions With Our Team Of Technical Experts And Fleets.


We Undertake Solid Mineral Mining With Interest And Hold Valid Licenses In The Following Minerals: Gold, Tin, Copper, Lithium, Lead, Zinc And Hard Rock

Offshore Chartering

Our Vessel Chartering Business Is Managed Under The Trade Name Japaul Shipping And Offshore Services Limited. We Offer Vessel Chartering Services To The Offshore (Oil And Gas) And Shipping Industries. Our Service Offering Includes Fleet Of Vessels

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JaPaul Group-
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Our core values

Vision and mission

VISION: To be THE GIANT in all aspects of our business endeavours for the benefit of people around the world.
MISSION: To carry out World Class mining of precious metals and industrial minerals with full engagement of modern technologies not only in mining but also in providing enterprise solutions that add values to all businesses.

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DISCLAIMER: It has come to our attention that the name of our Corporate Office, JAPAUL HOUSE has been fraudulently used by one OKnaira Financial Services as its Office address. This is to notify the General Public that JAPAUL GOLD & VENTURES PLC (owners of JAPAUL HOUSE) or any of its subsidiaries are not affiliated with the said OKnaira Financial Services or any Loan Procurement Website or Application.

Any Loan procurement website or application claiming JAPAUL HOUSE as its office address is fraudulent. Please be vigilant against such scams and report them to the appropriate authorities.

We are taking steps with the relevant authorities to stop this fraudulent use of our brand name.