Japaul Gold and Ventures Plc

Japaul Gold and Ventures Plc is the new brand name from the defunct Japaul Oil and Maritime Services Plc.

The change is occasioned by the pronounced emphasis on our mining business and our venturing into technology development, as we shift from the largely oil and gas dependent business activities.

Our moves are calculated and informed, driven by in-depth research, motivated by the need to do things differently and very importantly, avoid the trap of a matured industry at the verge of vivid collapse. We consider the move necessary now as the future is beginning to manifest with mining and technology driving every facet of life.

Dredging in Nigeria is gradually becoming one of the developing ventures for accomplishing projects belonging to the three levels of  government and private corporations as well as serving the various needs of oil field operating companies. With our reach in major cities across the 36 states in Nigeria including Lagos and beyond, we guarantee and excellent service delivery.

Abundant gold deposits exist in Northern Nigeria Zamfara, sokoto, katsina, Odin, Kaduna, kebbi and Niger. Gold mining production in Nigeria started in 1913 and peaked in the 1930s.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity and Credibility
  • Rendering quality services to our clients
  • Fear of God; commitment to add value to the life of people.

Our Vision and Mission

VISION: To be THE GIANT in all aspects of our business endeavours for the benefit of people around the world.
MISSION: To carry out World Class mining of precious metals and industrial minerals with full engagement of modern technologies not only in mining but also in providing enterprise solutions that add values to all businesses.

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