Japaul Oil and Maritime Services Plc has recently acquired 2 new built Cutter/Suction Dredge

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JD XII – 24” x 24” Cutter/Suction Dredge

Japaul Oil and Maritime Services Plc has recently acquired 2 new built 24” x 24” Cutter/Suction Dredge, this brings her Dregde fleet to thirteen.

JD XII and XIII are Non-self-propelled transportable hydraulic cutter suction dredge designed for one man operation from a central control room. The operator friendly interface allows for simple operation of all of the dredging and monitoring functions.

The dredge features wear parts that are easily accessible and designed for economic replacement. The dredge is intended to be field assembled on land and then launched for operation. Disassembly is accomplished on land.

It is diesel driven, centrifugal submerged dredge pump discharges dredge slurry up the ladder where the slurry is transported through the deck pipeline to the booster pump on the rear of the dredge.

When operating, the dredge swings across the cut pivoting on the stern spuds controlled by a hydraulic planetary winch system. The swing function is accomplished with separate hydraulic planetary winches and anchor booms. The ladder hoisting function is designed to work using a single planetary hydraulic winch.

The dredge features a fully enclosed, climate controlled lever room. This control center includes windows on all four sides for excellent operator visibility. The dredge control system offers simple and ergonomic control features for the dredge operator. This dredge has a maximum dredging depth of 76′ (23m) which is calculated at an approximate 50′ ladder angle.  More >>>>


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