The technology business shall be managed under the trade name of Ontop Technologies and Solutions Limited. The company is established and positioned to render technology and enterprise solution services to support industrial, services, governmental and manufacturing industries.

The deployment of pioneering business solution oriented technologies, otherwise called disruptive technologies, that shall reshape the way businesses are done with value addition to business operation, revenue and profitability.

Our solutions are tailor-made and specific to suit individual business peculiarities while maintaining acceptable global standards. The solutions are developed with focus on results and value yielding for business success and to give our clients an edge in their industry of operation.

These technologies are developed by the best hands in the technology space. Technologies like, the Internet of Things, Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, mixed reality, cloud computing, Eco-Smart systems etc. shall be combined to provide tailor-made, specific and global solutions for mining and other businesses of ours and for various clients all over the world starting from Africa.