Who We Are

It is a dawn of a new day in Japaul. We have seen with clarity the future of businesses and new way of living, decision has now been made to chart a new course to align with the future in its immediacy and long run.

It is time for a new dream; a new vision of global dimension to guarantee the continuous and profitable existence of our businesses and increasing the wealth of our shareholders.


In recognition of our integrity, The Chairman of Japaul Group was named as one of the Top 50 Most Credible Persons in Nigeria during the Nigerian Golden Jubilee Independence Celebration.

What We Do


We undertake solid mineral mining with interest and hold valid licenses in the following minerals: Gold, Tin, Copper, Lithium, Lead, Zinc and Hard Rock...continue reading


Our subsidiaries and associate companies in mining are:


Our dredging business is managed under the trade name Japaul Dredging Services Limited. We offer complete dredging solutions with our team of technical experts and fleet of dredgers and marine crafts, making us a one stop shop for all dredging solutions...continue reading


Vessel Chartering


Our vessel chartering business is managed under the trade name Japaul Shipping and Offshore Services Limited. We offer vessel chartering services to the offshore (oil and gas) and shipping industries. Our service offering includes fleet of vessels...continue reading


The technology business shall be managed under the trade name of Ontop Technologies and Solutions Limited. The company is established and positioned to render technology and...continue reading


Our Strategy

Strategy for Continuous Existence

In assuring continuity in business through sustained growth and profitability, we engage strategic partnership with relevant bodies in our area of businesses and keep ourselves abreast of emerging facts and information with direct and indirect bearing on our business activities of which we proactively and actively take necessary actions and decisions to take advantage or stem the tide of consequence. We make sure that our decisions are informed and adequately calculated.

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